Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.

You have to try.


He is a third party to the accident.

How dare he complain?

Where did you say this came from?

For God's sake, Ramanan, what the hell is it?

I want to see everything!


I anticipated a quiet vacation in the mountains.

All my friends speak French.

He found a good companion in his dog.

I have congee every morning.

She read my mind.

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.

The loss of childhood spontaneity has caused widespread concern, as well as calls for review of the nation's educational and social structures.


Hitoshi told me you work for him.

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I don't have any time to waste.


Hypocrisy is my abhorrence.


It's not funny! Stop it!

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Chris doesn't own a house.


Elizabeth hit a triple.


I got there as fast as I could.

The 50 unit phone card.


I love my electric toothbrush.

He hung up before I could say anything.

I don't like the idea of them going without us.

We don't always agree.

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You haven't changed.


I've been misunderstood.

I'll solve that problem.

His standing up was the signal for everybody to start leaving the room.

We've lost our umbrellas.

Go on the offensive.

Is that your mom?

A third of the prisoners have escaped.

That smells good.

The government watched the activities of radical groups carefully.

I'm still not certain.

Elijah's exaggerating.


Do you have a problem?

My level 9 barbarian has been killed.

This is an indisputable fact.


I love the song of the mockingbird, the bird of four hundred voices. I love the color of jade, and the enervating perfume of flowers, but most of all, I love my brother, Man.

I recommend we keep our distance.

The girl stood looking into the mirror.


What was your favorite?


What would you change?

What should I say to her?

She works all night.

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Each person has a duty to do.

Winnie left a message for Harry.

He tried in vain to pull the wool over my eyes.

My friend said he had bought a new watch.

Tell her what happened.


It feels pretty good.

Like All Ball, this one doesn't have a tail.

When will it begin?

I want to spend time with Dalton.

Have you seen Jean-Christophe's latest invention?


The worker is carrying sand with a shovel.


My favorite fish is salmon.

He is glad to hear the news.

You can enjoy some recorded music while you wait.

Ruth carefully pronounced the words.

Your submission is great! Congratulations!


I listened to him explain a new product.


Call me as soon as you get home.

You just sat there and did nothing.

I want to go back now.

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Thanks for letting me speak.

Sir brought me this book.

We can't get Shankar on the phone.

They might not notice that Radek isn't here.

Professor Jefferson has a good rapport with his students.

For the record, Axel didn't have anything to do with this.

They don't pay me enough.

He adores the movies.

Joanne must've been lying.

In Japan, it rains quite a bit during our rainy season which is from mid-June until mid-July.

Don't let him fall.

Do I need dentures?

Given the amount of apathy in the world, today is the most revolutionary day.

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I was trying to make you laugh.


Gerard is on medical leave.

You obviously can't handle this.

You will find this book very interesting.

Hume peeked into Matti's room, but she wasn't there.

I will do anything for you.


Today, separation and divorce are not as frowned upon.

It was very emotional for me to get your letter, as I'm sure you can imagine.

When I told him I liked the picture, I really meant that.

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Tomorrow I'll go and play football.


In the end, it was just too much bother so I went home by taxi.

He was guilty of making a mistake.

The boy makes a fool of adults.

What's next on the schedule?

Vincenzo held open the car door for Nancy.

We drew lots to decide who would go first at the early morning reception desk.

I feel a yearning for the university.

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Dominick is the only one who knows what we have to do.

He hastily packed his bags.

If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably not true.

Ram picked something up off the floor.

I have a friend waiting downstairs.


King John put to death all of his rivals.


We've come to an arrangement.

In that regard, I agree with you.

I've had better days.

My daughter is fast asleep.

What should we do with people who are very sick or hurt and can't get better?

Do I look like Laurence to you?

Tomorrow morning will be OK.


Is that what you did to her?


Truth is difficult to find at the bottom of a well.


The number of officials doubled last year.

I really wanted to go to Ariel's concert, but it was sold out.

The neighbors are noisy.


Kory is having a miserable time.

Mosur is the owner of a supermarket.

Life would be so much better if you didn't care so much.

Claude and Huey both stayed late after class.

I can't find him anywhere.


You've accomplished nothing.

When does Tony study?

Few of my friends have two cars.

It seems a little unclear.

As she is a lady, so he is a gentleman.

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I have a problem.

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I'm afraid we can't make up for lost ground.

Could you approve my proposal?

Yesterday I simply did not go to work.

He never said anything about this.

I can't find it.

I know a faster way to get there.

Iron is tempered by heating and sudden cooling.

Jeffery didn't even open the door for me.

If that happens, I'll be very glad.

It will aggravate the wound.

Why didn't Dean speak?

He must have seen me.

I can't guarantee we'll be able to get the job done by next Monday.

He gave up his attempt once and for all.

I don't like to be touched.

She looked at the man.

Marc fractured his wrist.

The three organizations are the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

He speaks English as if he were an American.

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That sounds exactly like Ima to me.

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The Wright Brothers spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. They noticed that birds soared into the wind and that the air flowing over the curved surface of their wings created lift.

The problem is beyond the scope of my understanding.

I can't stand her jealousy.


Kate broke his heart by rudely demanding he go away.

Don't try to talk now.

Kit helped Manjeri put her coat on.

The wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the grease.

Why don't you eat meat?


I'd like to borrow your notes for a bit.

Bertrand plans to be back here again next year.

Have you heard about us?